Tuesday, August 11, 2009

"Mellow" Jello - dress it up (or NOT...)

Is there anything more “American” than jello on a hot summer day? I should have saved this for October because the colors just scream HALLOWEEN... but it tastes so good now. So simple to make, but easy to dress up with a few slices of cantaloupe to please those with discriminating tastes.

My daughter and her husband were in charge of their family reunion a few weeks ago, and this jello was the hit of the day. This is fun to serve in squares on a bed of butter lettuce, or piled high in a fancy glass dish. Kids seem to trust it because it doesn’t have any “stuff” in it. (Someday those kids will grow up and be clamoring for STUFF in most of their food)

Easy to fold in drained canned fruits, fresh fruits (like cantaloupe and other seasonals), and marshmallows if desired. But “plain jane” seems to please just about anyone. It looked especially pretty served up with a large ice cream scoop.

I’ll have to brainstorm on something edible to add around Halloween that is BLACK - as the bright orange color is just begging for it.

For the simple recipe with photos, go to:
www.changeabletable.com ("empty nest" tab)

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  1. I've never seen anything like this. It looks easy and inexpensive to make! I;m curious to try it out for myself! Thanks for the recipe.