Saturday, August 22, 2009

Guilt-Free Jicama - how to tackle it...

It’s great finding a vegetable that is low calorie, has an interesting crunch, and has a mild enough flavor that you don’t tire of it easily. I keep bags of this in the refrigerator and keep it by my side when I’m trying to stay awake on a long drive. It has such an interesting crunch that it keeps my attention. The only downside is learning how to prepare it. Just a few simple steps and it’s ready...

When I first heard about jicama - my first impression was “I don’t have time for another TRENDY veggie...” I saw it in salad bars, heard about it on the Food Network, and read about it in magazines. I disdain trendy food - look at what happened to oat bran for heaven’s sake! And besides - at first glance it looked like a beaten-up albino beet.

But then I stumbled upon it in a great salad. “Mrs. Mecham’s Salad” (linked HERE) is still my favorite salad - and even better when you add jicama in tiny juliened strips. You hardly know it’s there until you notice it in your forkful of salad. Because it is not a “stand-up-and-take-notice” vegetable, it makes a subtle but long-lasting impression.

For the photo tutorial on how to tackle this unique vegetable - go to: ("empty nest" tab)

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