Monday, June 1, 2009

Freezable Cool-Rise Rolls: Rhode’s alternative

These are a great alternative for those of us who often find ourselves alone at dinner... but would LOVE a hot homemade roll occasionally! And I’m not talking about Rhode’s Frozen Dinner Rolls (although these are adequate occasionally) These are simple to throw together, freeze on trays, and take out one-or-two-at-a-time to bake up fresh. That heavenly aroma will make you glad you are eating at home tonight!

This recipe comes from one amazing cook - my son-in-law’s Grandmother... Thanks to her family for sharing this with me! She passed away a few years ago - and they published a collection of her recipes in honor of her 80th birthday last year. What a treasure!

As described in her cookbook - “This dough can be used to make EVERYTHING!” She experimented with various modifications until she got it just right. She made these rolls for every family event and taught her daughters, granddaughters, and many others to make them too. Her willingness to share her cooking skills and knowledge has benefited countless people...

There is an option at the end of this recipe for using mashed potatoes - and it DOES make a delectable roll! When I’ve made these rolls - I don’t like to bother with mashed potatoes (we EAT those and rarely have leftovers!) So I use potato flakes instead - and simply add 1/2 cup of dry potato flakes to the ingredients listed... (this allows you to use less flour than is called for - I just add enough flour in 1/4 cup amounts till the dough pulls away from the side of the bowl as it is mixing) Instructions for using real mashed potatoes are given at the end of the recipe...

For photos, recipe, and detailed instructions - go to: ("empty nest" tab)

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