Saturday, May 30, 2009

Down Home-Style Meatloaf - Sunday comfort food at it's best...

EVERYONE has their favorite meatloaf (or if you detest it - at least the one you can tolerate)... This one is our family favorite. It has taken years to get to this point. There are certain criteria we require: moist, tender, falls-apart-as-you-slice-it, and it must take (on average) about 3-1/2 hours to bake - because we need it to be just right when we walk in the door after church on Sunday... After years of trial and error - the addition of ONE ingredient made the difference!

I’ve tried all the tricks to make a good meatloaf. They all have merit - but sometimes it’s just LUCK that it turns out well on a particular Sunday.

There are five "tricks" I have found that guarantee a great Sunday meatloaf... These are included in the post link at the bottom.

Some people have their special tomato topping (made most often with ketsup) We prefer to add all that red stuff ourselves, in our own special way(s)... My kids each have their own way of “decorating”, embellishing, or DROWNING their meatloaf... most of them like a ton of ketsup, or my signature home-bottled chili-sauce (which I can’t stand the smell of because it literally takes a week to cook it down and my house smells like it until Christmas... Maybe I’ll share that recipe with you this fall if my tomatoes survive!)

Send me a little comment, and let me know YOUR tricks to a good meatloaf - as well as how you embellish it. In the meantime - here is our version of Sunday comfort food...

For this recipe, photos, and the five "hints" for a great Sunday meatloaf - go to: ("full house" tab)

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  1. These pictures make me want to join you for Sunday dinner!
    Do you (or anyone else) have a good recipe for spaghetti sauce?