Friday, May 22, 2009

Small Batch Blondie Brownies - with maple cream sauce

With Memorial Day coming up - it's nice to have a "packable" cookie... This one works well.

This recipe is available on almost every “restaurant detective” website out there. It is similar to one I used to make for my family for years. Mine was great, except that it always fell in the middle and left a large gooey section (that only SOME of my kids would eat) The chewy outer edges were always gone first. This recipe however is chewy all the way through, and isn’t overly sweet. And the small batch is so nice - it’s gone in a few days and the leftovers don’t tempt me for weeks...

On all the websites I found this recipe - they claim it is “identical” to the Applebee’s® Restaurant version. I wouldn’t know because I’ve only eaten there once - and I didn’t go there JUST to have their Blondies. This is a great recipe - very moist and chewy and transportable (for picnics and potlucks) The Applebee’s® recipes always called for 1/2 cup vanilla flavored baking chips to be folded in. I thought that was overkill - so we made ours without. I also added my nuts on top, instead of folding them in - and only on half of the batter (maybe your families have nut issues also?)

I tried the sauce also, and it was almost too rich. The maple flavoring really added a nice touch, and we liked it. If you like cream cheese in a sauce, give this one a whirl. I would probably prefer a hot caramel ice cream topping drizzled over a scoop of ice cream.

Enjoy your holiday weekend!

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  1. This looks sinfully delicious! I left you an award on my blog!