Thursday, May 21, 2009

Cherry Chews - you can't help but love these...

I am NOT a coconut lover... Yet, I can honestly say I really enjoy this cookie/cake/treat/confection (how would YOU describe this?) I was lucky enough to get this recipe from a neighbor years ago who used to work at the Cougareat while a student at BYU. She sheepishly told us that she “lifted” this recipe, and repented later. I’m sure since so many people have enjoyed this so much - she has been forgiven!

If you (like me) aren’t a fan of coconut - don’t worry. You’ll hardly know it is there - and the same with the nuts. All your children will notice is the flecks of cherries (always a draw with kids...) The light almond/cherry flavor is just perfect - and the texture is moist and tender.

You’ll wonder if there is a mistake in the ingredients. Nope... There is NO leavening (baking powder or soda) and NO salt. And yes, it has a LOT of butter and sugar (we are talking about a Mormon recipe here).

Keep in mind that these are chewy right after baking - they become more tender the longer they stand. My children say they improve with age - but I love them as soon as they cool off.

For this recipe, photos, and a link to the Classic BYU Recipes site - go to: ("full house" link)

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  1. I love coconut and cherries so I hope to make these VERY soon. Thanks for the recipe.