Monday, May 4, 2009

"Mumbleberry" Pie - yet ANOTHER new favorite!

When I was browsing through the produce section of the grocery store last week, I glanced at a basket of rhubarb and it flooded my mind with all kinds of desserts my mother used to try to use it up every summer. Feeling nostalgic, I bought a few stalks and went on a web search to find a different way to use it. You will LOVE this recipe! My favorite thing about it is the topping - so much more personality than a standard rolled crust! And the coarse sugar topping (turbinado - or “sugar in the raw”) makes it both crunchy and sweet. And I even tried a new pastry recipe - I’ll post it tomorrow...

I have always wanted to know what “Bumbleberry Pie” actually IS. After doing a search, I discovered all kinds of combinations - but the one that “spoke” to me was made with rhubarb - that funny little (actually HUGE) plant that my mother either hated or adored (depending on whether it was overtaking the yard at the moment!) This recipe is taken from the blog where I discovered this recipe, and the link is included.

For the recipe, photos, and tips - go to: ("full house" tab)

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  1. Hi Anne, Kate here from Good Egg. Your crust looks awesome. Glad you liked the recipe!