Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Mexican Rice "Bake" - hearty comfort food

As I was blog-hopping one day (looking for a transportable casserole to take to my daughter when her new baby arrived) I stumbled upon a recipe called “Mexican Rice Casserole”... Being a child of the fifties and sixties - I have a slight aversion to any recipe title that includes the word “casserole”... So, for my family, I have changed this title to include the word “Bake” - and it seems to be accepted with open arms.

There are MANY similar recipes for this “casserole” out there - containing canned or frozen corn, taco seasoning mix, brown rice, raw rice, jalapenos, green chiles, bacon - you name it! This one sounded appealing to me because of the sliced fresh tomatoes placed on top of the rice mixture - then buried in melted cheese. It truly is a sight for the hungry soul! I consider this a success, and will make it again when expecting a crowd (or taking a meal to someone)

This is the recipe I used - including a few minor changes for my own family’s preferences. The links to the original post from and another website with a similar recipe are included in the post for your comparison...

For the full recipe, photos, tips, and links - go to: ("full house" tab)

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