Thursday, April 9, 2009

Easter Egg Colors FYI - fun site for Spring Break

The kid in me made me dive into this website that helps you come up with unusual and amazing colors for your Easter eggs... Upon exploring further into this McCormick website - I found all kinds of crafts and goodies that will help you enjoy this Easter weekend with little (or BIG) kids and grandkids. Enjoy!

In particular - you need to try the “color creator” utility you see when you enter the page... Next - if you want to keep something in your recipe file for future reference (and you are prone to misplace links like this, as I am) - there is another page for a printable chart of color combinations useful for everyday baking... You'll also find a recipe for an easy colorful cookie glaze - which makes beautiful spring cookies. These are a just a few of the many ideas you will find on this fantastic website... (I can’t wait to try the "funny putty" recipe... I’m in the mood to goof off this weekend!)

For a few highlights from the McCormick website, and links to it - click on: ("full house" tab)

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