Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Refreshing Frozen Lemon Pie - the No-Cake Birthday Cake

My children (when younger) used to stand at my elbow and watch me make this very simple frozen pie. The reason they were waiting so patiently was so they would have the first chance at the mixing bowl & spatula when I was finished. My son used to “shave” off little slices of this pie to make it last longer. My (now much older) children made this for my birthday this year (I’m not much for cake lately - too many birthdays in this family!) It’s especially refreshing during the hot summer months. Keeps well in the freezer - so there is always a dessert ready for more than one meal.

It’s hard to believe something so simple can be so good... I have made this pie several different ways. When we have a large reunion dinner, we make it in large cake pans or cookie sheets - making it easy to serve in squares. I’ve also made individual servings in clear plastic drinking cups - layering it with the graham crumbs (which looks really elegant, and is so easy to serve) If you want a little more color - add a drop or two of red food coloring (although the pie turns out the palest shade of pink if you use pink lemonade concentrate) There are recipes out there that use limeade concentrate or yellow lemonade concentrate mixed with a little green food coloring for a “Limeade” pie. Some recipes also call for just a little ice cream mixed with larger amounts of whipped topping (for a lighter pie) But we enjoy the “un-cut” version - with 100% ice cream and no whipped topping. Give it a try (and be surprised)...

For this recipe, photos, and instructions - go to: www.changeabletable.com ("full house" tab)

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