Thursday, March 19, 2009

Ice Cream Crunch - sweet simplicity

A recipe that works for almost any type of gathering - this has the bonus of being very fast to assemble as well. This is just sweet enough - with the crunch and texture of nuts, crisp rice, and coconut to add interest. Makes an entirely different dessert if you change the topping.

It is really interesting to see the metamorphosis of a simple recipe over time. This has been given a number of titles - the one it is known by in my neighborhood is “Rice Krispies Delight”. It doesn’t sound too impressive, but give it a chance - and it will surprise you. Most people will enjoy all those textures along with the simplicity of cool ice cream, topped off with your favorite topping. A real ladies’ dessert favorite.

For recipe (and simple instructions) go to: (click on full house tab)

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