Thursday, September 1, 2016

Buttermilk Fruit Salad

Yes... this IS a salad.  However, if I left the main ingredient out of the title, you wouldn't be as curious - right?  This is the perfect last-minute salad for Labor Day weekend.    I made it twice in the last few weeks - using both fresh and canned fruit.  It was a hit both ways.

My daughter Aryn had this at a recent Youngberg reunion just a month ago.  She was a bit dubious too about the buttermilk.  When I was there a few weeks ago, she made it for dinner using the Costco Tri-Berry Mix that we all know and love.  I was skeptical for sure, but it lived up to it's reputation.  Her kids were arguing over who was the lucky recipient of the last spoonful.

You can halve this recipe, but use a full 8-oz container of the whipped topping and it will go further.  Be sure to check out the variations - they are all uniquely delicious.  You may be surprised to know that this is the pudding base of the infamous "Cookie Salad" taken to so many pot-lucks.

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