Monday, September 23, 2013

Hot Dogs In the Crockpot (?)

Remember the hot dogs you could buy at 7-11 or other convenience stores?  The ones that slowly simmered on the heat rollers in the glass window of a hot box?  These are every bit as good (or better) and are so convenient for a crowd.  They are gently browned on the outside, tender & juicy inside.

Easy as that.  Place hot dogs in crockpot.  Cover.  Cook.

I’m sure there are some of you out there thinking this is not a classy recipe.  It isn’t.  But it’s a great one when you have a bunch of people needing a hot meal - summer or winter.  

I was in charge of my mother’s family reunion a few weeks ago - and I was supposed to come up with something warm for a main dish.  It had been raining, and nobody wanted to barbecue.  Most of us had had pulled pork WAAAAYYYY too many times this summer.  Pulled pork has been the standby picnic food for so long I can’t remember what it replaced as a trend.  

After about an hour... they're starting to plump up.
Notice there is no liquid in the crockpot?

I had seen this idea several times on Pinterest, but I was skeptical.  I didn’t want these to resemble the “boiled in water” hot dogs from my childhood.  (The ones that split wide open when they’ve simmered too long on the stove in a pot of water).  

You'll notice there are "premium" all-beef hot dogs mixed in with the el-cheap-o chicken & pork variety.
They all turned out fabulous.  The longer you cook them, the more "BBQ-ed" they look & taste.

The verdict - a BIG success!  They were not quite like those on a grill - but not bad at all.  In fact - if you overcook them, they burn on the outside just enough to convince kids that they came from the grill.  

It’s so nice to keep them warm as well.  This method (or “recipe”) is one I will use again.  Oh... and this would be fabulous for tailgating!

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