Friday, August 23, 2013

Tzatziki - Cucumber/Yogurt/Dill Dip

This hard-to-describe dip/sauce/condiment is great all by itself, or even better with fish, grilled meats, and triangles of soft pita or naan bread.  With cucumbers in full swing right now - whip them into this healthy snack and enjoy.  If you don’t particularly love yogurt - you’ll be surprised at how good this is.

My neighbors are wonderful - they leave gifts on my porch in the summer after their gardens start producing.  I’ve had a LOT of cucumbers left at my house and I love to use them in smoothies and drinks.  But I was ready for something new.

Occasionally I enjoy Greek food - and I’ve had Tzatziki a few times. It is always served cold, sometimes as an accompaniment, and even served with bread for the first course of a meal.  Greek restaurants serve it with Souvlaki (meat/vegetables grilled on a skewer) and gyros (a sandwich with roasted meat, tomato, and onion - wrapped in a pita).

For me, however, I love this so much I don’t need another course in a meal where this is served.  The yogurt is a healthy dose of protein, the cucumbers add a wonderful freshness, and the garlic & dill keep it from being the least bit boring.  

I love it with naan bread.  Naan is like pita bread (on steroids).  I cut it into triangles and spoon this dip over the top.  Heaven.  It’s easy to find refrigerated naan bread if you don’t make your own.  I have yet to master naan bread... but there’s always tomorrow to learn.

For the very simple recipe, go to:

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