Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Make-Ahead Breakfast Croissants

This is the ticket for those times you need a hearty breakfast - and you know you’ll be in a hurry.  These can be made the night (or a few days) before you need them.  So convenient to then warm on a baking sheet in your oven 1/2 hour before throwing them to your family as you jump in the car.  Done!

Necessity is the mother of invention - and this is how this “sandwich” came to be in our family.  I have made these for many years now - before the days of the Egg McMuffin & the CroissanWich.  I remember being surprised when I first saw them advertised.  

My husband always packed as much as possible into our family vacations.  We often lifted our sleeping kids out of bed in their pajamas and strapped them into their seatbelts as early as 4AM to get an early start on our trips.  Cold cereal in paper cups on the road was not very successful the first few times we did that.  I decided to try something I could heat up, keep warm wrapped in foil and then newspaper, and give to the kids with a napkin and a carton of fruit juice.  

I was surprised at how long these could stay warm - up to a few hours sometimes.  When placed in a dutch oven that was already hot - it could stay warm for several hours.   

My husband & kids used to ask me to make them to keep in the refrigerator so they could grab them and run to early morning practices, work, church trips - you name it.  They took them out of the foil - microwaved them for about 30 seconds - then put them back in the foil to stay warm.  

So when (this past weekend) we had our family reunion - I made them so we could have a quick (and fairly mess-free) breakfast on our way to have family pictures taken.  Have you ever tried getting 24 people all out of bed and out the door (well-dressed) AND well fed before 9AM?  That is what this breakfast sandwich is for.

I was the cook at LDS Girls’ Camp twice - and I made these ahead and kept them in coolers.  They came in handy on rainy mornings with hot chocolate, as well as taken on early morning hikes.  The heavy dutch ovens on camp stoves were perfect for warming them up.  

Although this doesn’t really qualify as a ‘recipe’ - I’m documenting it here for my kids.  They always ask for the details on amounts, etc...  Here you go guys!

For the recipe & instructions - go to:

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