Thursday, May 2, 2013

No-Cook Summer Porridge

I’m not sure why summer seems to make me less likely to make a sensible breakfast.  A little forethought the night before, and this delicious and filling, quick-to-eat breakfast will be waiting for you as you open the refrigerator door in the morning.  Chia seed gives this an extra boost of nutrition.

I’ve seen so many morning oatmeal recipes - and they all look amazing.  The only problem is - since they are usually cooked - I can’t take them on the run as I head out the door.  I’m sure as you look at these photos, you might be turning up your nose at those little grey dots.  Don’t think about it - you won’t taste them, and they are nutritional powerhouses in miniature.

I’ve been adding chia seed to my smoothie each day - and besides it’s amazing nutritional benefits - I love how it stays with me much longer.  The chia seed, once hydrated - becomes slippery and holds moisture (remember “Chia Pets”?)  It’s loaded with Omega 3 fatty acids (much more than flax seed).  Chia seeds absorb up to 10 times their weight in water - so they are great for maintaining hydration.  This makes you feel fuller longer - which is a help in weight loss.  Since they are take on the flavors in a recipe - they don’t interfere with being able to taste the other ingredients.

There are many varieties of “porridge” - but this one is my favorite.  See the recipe source for more ideas.  Some of them may appeal to you more than this one.

So MANY ways to vary the recipe...
go to for variations.

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