Thursday, May 9, 2013

No Bake Raspberry Lemon Cheesecakes In a Cup

If the fact that this is a “no-bake” dessert isn't enough to motivate you to make this - just imagine two divine flavors (raspberry & lemon) intermingled in a creamy cheesecake base.  Dotted with fresh raspberries, and layered with graham cracker cookie crumbs - it’s a great idea for Mother’s Day.

I’ve really gotten into single serving size desserts lately.  Probably because I feel like I’m loading freight when I try to squeeze one more thing in my refrigerator after company comes.  

I usually use a small glass trifle dish or ramekins - but these clear plastic cups give you an unrestricted view of the delicious contents.  And then... you can throw them away.  No dishes to wash.  Kudos to Mom on her big day (or get over to that sink and show her you love her!)

This is reminiscent of the decades-old no-bake cheesecake from my childhood.  But it’s stepped up quite a bit with the addition of fresh lemon juice and zest.  Not to mention fresh raspberries.  I wouldn’t chance it with frozen - too much juice there.

To make these look like you worked really hard - pipe the filling into the cups with a swirl motion.  The little chunks of raspberries peek out when you do that.  Piping is really not that difficult.  (Notice how I didn’t even use a coupler on my pastry bag?  Just poke your decorating tip into the bottom - making sure the hole is just large enough for the pattern to show)

You can use Cool Whip in place of the whipping cream - but that changes the texture quite a bit.  Yes - it’s creamy, but it adds a hint of chemical flavor in my opinion.  If you’re in a hurry - or don’t have fresh cream - go for it.

Half the recipe if you only want to serve 6-8.  These proportions made 18 portions that fit well into a 9-oz container.

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