Thursday, December 13, 2012

Extra Filling Lemon Bars

In most people’s opinion, the Lemon Bar is the ultimate cookie experience.  It is an act of love to go to all the effort to make them, and then it takes great patience to not cut into them until the filling sets just right.  These bars have about double the filling of a standard lemon bar, plus it’s silky smooth and doesn’t liquify when cut & served.

I pinned these a long time ago on Pinterest, and waited to make them until I purchased a large bag of lemons at a ridiculous price at a warehouse store.  Truly - making lemon bars will help you climb the social ladder, but these will make you into a ROCK STAR.

Lemon Bars were the trendy cookie when I was growing up - (kind of like every sweet treat today using salted caramel).  They were only served at very special events, and I remember almost losing my life once when I inhaled a little whiff of the powdered sugar topping as I took a bite.  Small price to pay though for such a great dessert experience.

I learned a few things as I made these.  First off, use parchment paper to line your pan.  This makes slipping them out of the pan and cutting them into neat little triangles a breeze.  Next - don’t combine the filling ingredients until you take the crust out of the oven.  If you mix it too soon and let it stand very long - the acidity of the lemon juice begins to “precook” the eggs before it’s put in the oven, making it a little less wonderful (but not to worry if you forget, like I did!)

Don’t attempt cutting the bars until they are completely cool, and use a wet knife or bench scraper to make clean cuts.  Cleaning off and/or rinsing your knife in warm water occasionally will keep too much of the filling from sticking and “dragging” as you cut through.   I made triangles by cutting first into large squares, then diagonally after.

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