Monday, November 5, 2012

Apple Pie Cake

This Martha Stewart-esque dessert  is what you might get when you cross a pie and a crisp.  No need for a crust, as part of the crunchy topping steps in to take that role.  Fancied up with a dusting of  powdered sugar, it fools your family into thinking this was a LOT of work.  Perfect for this time of year.

One reason Fall is my favorite season is because it’s apple season.  Nothing better than that heavenly smell of cinnamon and apples at the end of a meal.  

I was really surprised at how well this turned out.  I wasn’t expecting much because it looked so simple.

I used a mixture of Golden Delicious (which cooks down quickly and is quite mild) and Jonagold (which holds it’s shape better than the Golds, but adds the tartness of a Jonathan)  It was a great combo.  

When you pile on the raw apples, you’ll be suspicious that this could ever turn out.  But the apples bake down quickly, and the finished ‘cake’ ends up half the height you begin with.

Be sure to use a baking sheet under the springform pan, as it will most likely ooze some of the sweet juice as it bakes.  I used a food processor to quickly work in the chilled butter, but you can cut it in by hand with a pastry blender as well.

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