Friday, October 5, 2012

Maddox House Rolls (and General Conference is here!)

It's no secret to those who read this blog that I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (a "Mormon")  Every six months I have posted about the food traditions my family enjoys during General Conference.  There are getting to be many of these posts - and the food is great.  Here's how you find them (easily)...

Hope you enjoy this General Conference Weekend.  If you've never listened before, give it a try.  There is something for everyone to uplift, encourage, inspire, and bless you and those you love.

(By the way... if you have young children and need a fun project to keep them engaged in General Conference - check out this idea - link included below...)

"General Conference Center"
found HERE.

Now... on to (yet) another recipe that will come in handy on this really full weekend.

Many restaurants employ the tactic of serving unlimited rolls to their customers - bringing them back over and over again.  Maddox Ranch House figured this out long ago.  Although they are famous for other items on their menu - it’s the rolls that keep everyone coming back.  This is what they serve along with their legendary raspberry butter.

Maddox Ranch House is a restaurant in Perry, Utah (along the legendary “Fruit Way”) - still run by the Maddox family today.  They are known for their steaks from local ranchers, as well as other items that have been on the menu for over 70 years.  I took my mother and daughters recently and we loved these rolls - made even more irresistible drenched in raspberry butter.

The thing I love about the recipe is that it’s a “no-knead” variety of roll.  The dough is very sticky and you literally POUR it into the muffin tins.  Somehow that results in a light, airy roll that has a heavenly aroma hot from the oven.  

These took only an hour and a half start to finish - not bad when you’re in the mood for hot bread.  They get even better after standing a day or two - developing a softer texture as they get older.  Great when warmed in the microwave as leftovers for days to come.

This is the perfect recipe for a busy Sunday, hectic Saturday, or rolls any day of the week.

The recipe for Maddox House Ranch Rolls is found at:

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