Monday, September 10, 2012

Mexican Grill Style Rice w/Cilantro Dressing

Ever get frustrated when making Cilantro Lime Rice, only to have it stick together as you toss it with the lime juice & cilantro?  This version is foolproof, and I must say - I like it better than the “Fresh Mex” versions out there.  The yummy Cilantro Dressing can be made ahead and drizzled on right before serving.

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I keep thinking all the buzz about Pork Barbacoa Salads will die down, but it’s here to stay.  Every fast food restaurant with “Fresh Mex Grill” in the name offers their own version.  I fought it for a long time, but I really LOVE the rice.

The past few times I’ve made it though, I end up with a sticky mound that isn’t that appetizing.  I know it’s because I overcook the rice, and that I forget to add the dressing at just the RIGHT time before serving. 

I’ve been looking for a new twist on this rice - one that I don’t have to be hanging out at the stove for just the right moment to finish it up.  When you put together this Tex-Mex meal, there’s a LOT to do at the last minute.  

I tried this version and it’s now my new favorite.  The thing that I love the most is that you barely cook the rice (which, by the way - doesn’t boil over!)  Then you allow it to stand for a while before you add the dressing. 

It doesn’t have to be served hot, which makes it even more convenient.  The leftovers (if you have them) can then extend other Mexican favorites like burritos, enchiladas, etc...  But I’m a purist - I like mine all by itself.  That way you can taste the wonderful blend of all the flavors. 

It reheats exceptionally well, so it’s fine to make a day or two ahead of when it’s needed.  That makes it one of the best convenience foods I’ve ever tried.

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