Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Like Lofthouse Soft Frosted Sugar Cookies

You know those cookies, don’t you?  The ones that everyone picks up at the store when they have forgotten they committed to bring something?  The ones you wish you detested, but you just can’t resist because they are as soft as pillows?  Enter this recipe - same goodness, not ONE additive or preservative.

Please forgive me for posting this recipe - it will absolutely test your willpower to the maximum.  But they are too good not to.  Every time I see these on a buffet table, I see the same dilemma on everyone’s face as we (try to) pass them by.  We all mentally say to ourselves ... “I know those are full of artificial ingredients, calories, and fat - but I just have to have ONE.”

When I saw this recipe, I wondered if they really could be even close to those cookies.  The texture and flavor are awesome.  They literally melt in your mouth, and you have to force yourself to walk away so you don’t reach for another. 

I made some changes in the flavoring proportions, and I didn’t make these quite as large as the original recipe recommended.  Just watch carefully so they don’t start to brown - that's the secret to their softness. 

I’ve always thought my favorite cookie frosting couldn’t be improved, but changing one little thing made this frosting just as good with less fat (but who's counting calories anyway?)

They keep well for several days in a covered container, with no change in softness.  I use my glass covered cake stand - that way I have to LOOK at them until they are gone.

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