Monday, June 4, 2012

Creamy White Chicken & Artichoke Lasagna

This recipe was a Pinterest find - and it was really delicious.  However, it’s not a STUNNER to photograph.  You would just have to taste it to decide if it’s your kind of lasagna.  This isn’t your standard lasagna - it’s much richer, doesn’t fall apart as you serve it, and it’s a fun blend of many different flavors.

This is a recipe you’ll find on - and (of course) it promotes their products.  I’m a Costco/Sam’s Club fan - and so I did not purchase the shredded mozzarella with a TOUCH OF PHILLY.  

Photo source:
Would using the Mozzarella Cheese w/a Touch of Philly
really make it look this creamy?  I'll try it next time and see...

I’m sure the reason mine didn’t look like a slip-’n-slide was because of that.  Calories, calories...  Next time I’m going to try the real deal.

Another change I think I’ll make is to try diced tomatoes instead of the sun-dried tomatoes.  The filling was wonderful, but it seemed a touch dry - even with all that cream cheese.  Sundried tomato fanatics - go for it!

I also refrigerated mine before baking it, which always makes a difference when you bake something that starts out cold.  A little more milk to thin the cream cheese/garlic/basil sauce I think will add the creaminess I think it needed.

I made this in the dead of winter - and so it was hard to find fresh basil.  I found a little basil plant in the produce section that stayed good for a few weeks, although it didn’t thrive in my kitchen.  Wonder how basil grows as an indoor houseplant(?)  Fresh basil is always heavenly - I'll check that out for next winter.  

So... would I make this again?  Only when I have a small nation coming to dinner (with an appetite) - and I never know when that is.

For the original recipe, along with the changes I plan on making next time - go to:

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