Friday, May 18, 2012

Manly Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

Making cookies for men is a bit of an art... but I have found that most men seem to like them #1) BIG  #2) SOFT  #3) CHEWY, and last - but not least #4) with CHUNKS of good stuff.  I was happy to find that this recipe qualifies in all of the BIG 4 categories of importance in making a man’s cookie.  See if you agree.

We were looking for “manly cookies” to take to a group of 48 wonderful men who served over 500 women a delicious hot meal at a recent Stake Relief Society Women’s Conference.  That was a feat that required skill and patience - and none of them have a career in the food service industry.
If you've never explored this website... it's great! 
I miss the old-fashioned charm of manliness you'll see here.

We, as a Relief Society Presidency, debated over what the actual definition of a manly cookie would be.  We came up with four choices - and each of us made one to contribute to the variety we took to thank them.  A HEFTY brownie (not a dainty little bite-size or mini-muffin size).  Jumbo Chocolate Chippers (recipe is HERE - my personal favorite).  A big fat SOFT sugar cookie.  And... (the one I had to come up with) a chewy oatmeal raisin cookie.  

Of course, I always google everything before I narrow down the choices.  I found quite a few that really SOUNDED manly...  Wookie Cookies, Davy Crockett Bars, Cowboy Cookies, Chipachunk Cookies.  But the common thread was oatmeal - and not quick oats, but old-fashioned ROLLED oats.

I found one that everyone raves about from Cook’s Illustrated - a good source, if you ask me.   There are many cooks out there that claim they have the “secret” to keep them soft and chewy.  Some claim the secret is adding some kind of maple syrup, corn syrup, pureed raisins... and the list goes on and on.  But what I’ve found is the right combination of sugar & butter, as well as making the ball of dough large enough that the cookies slightly underbake in the center.  The trick is removing them at just the right point - which is... (check out the recipe link below)

My personal favorite cookie recipe has always been a jumbo soft chocolate chip cookie.  But... after trying this recipe, if I had a choice of a soft oatmeal raisin cookie and a soft chocolate chip cookie I would really have a dilemma on my hands.  These are awesome.  And see if you can leave them alone for at least a day before enjoying - and they will be even more amazing.  The texture changes from slightly gooey (which I love) to puffy and soft - in just 24 hours.  

To change these up to suit your taste - try adding chocolate chips, coarsely chopped nuts, and/or flaked coconut.  It definitely couldn’t hurt.

For the recipe, with all the "whys" - go to:

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