Monday, February 28, 2011

Jumbo Chocolate Chippers

This is unbelievably simple.  Half the fat = extra moist and chewy.  Could that be?  You won’t believe it till you attempt it.  I’ve made the legendary Nestle Toll House Cookie recipe so many times - expecting to get the same cookie in their photos - but it’s a rare occurrence.  Get out a HUGE glass of milk - you’ll love these.

When I ran across this idea on nancycreative, I almost passed it off.  I’ve always believed that solutions are difficult - and this seemed too simplistic to really work.

All I need is yet another amazing cookie recipe in my group of favorites.  But this isn’t necessarily a recipe that hasn’t existed before.  It’s just a little trick that really works.  
I guess that leaving half the fat out might justify going a little crazy with a plate of these cookies.  I’ve tried to leave them alone, but I’m afraid they are going in the freezer in order to protect myself.  

The ooey-gooey cookie pictured is fresh out of the oven.  Once cooled, the texture changes to chewy - not gooey.
If you’ve ever tried to make a cookie chewier - ponder this:  Moisture is necessary for chewiness, but other factors are also required.  In other words - all chewy cookies are soft, but not all soft cookies are chewy.  Three things add to chewiness - but you don’t have to have all three.
  1. High sugar and liquid content, but low fat
  2. High proportion of eggs.
  3. Strong flour, or gluten developed during mixing.
For more information - check out this forum on ChefTalk.

For the recipe, go to:

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