Wednesday, May 9, 2012

FAST In the Blender Salad

This isn’t the classiest recipe title, but nothing describes it better.  If you find you need a (set) salad in a very short amount of time - this will serve you well.  It doesn’t win any awards for being striking and unusual. However, you can garnish it with just about any fresh fruit and it will stay in the background & taste terrific.  We’ve always loved it plain.

I’m posting this at the request of my children.  They think I should share some of our old-timers - those that are not necessarily worthy of a cookbook, but that they survived on as children.  Isn’t it interesting how those ‘boring’ recipes can hold a place in your heart?

This was a go-to recipes from when my family was very young.  When my husband let me know we were having company for dinner one night, I was scrambling to find something that would be ready in less than an hour.  I had no greens for a tossed salad, so I went to the Utah stand-by... green Jello.  

I’m not sure where I found the recipe - probably in an old Jello Cookbook.  But it’s been a favorite of all my kids as they grew up, and now my grandchildren love it too.  They like to shave little slices from the sides and let it melt on their tongues.  If there were leftovers, they didn’t last very long.  

I guess this would qualify for one of those “salad-desserts”.  When I was lucky just to get the main dish on the table (let alone dessert) I brought this in as dessert, and nobody flinched.  

When I was asked to bring a salad kids would love, I would set this in small half-size paper cups.  It’s very pretty when poured into small, clear plastic cups.  

You can change the look by changing the flavor of jello.  And to make it for a special occasion - try serving it with a slice of pineapple, strawberry, or kiwi on top - and prop a sugar wafer cookie (on an angle) to the side.

For the (very simple!) recipe... go to:

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