Friday, March 9, 2012

Carnation Cafe Loaded Potato Soup

This soup is (apparently) the legendary decadent Loaded Baked Potato Soup that is famous at Disneyland Parks.  The cafe is closed until this summer - so they are indulging guests with the recipe until then.  This is NOT a low-fat version - it incorporates bacon and heavy cream for a rich flavor.

We didn’t frequent the wonderful world of Disney when our children were young - we waited until they could walk, talk, and decide which rides they really wanted to go on (they were teenagers... yes, I know we deprived them, but it didn't scar them for life)  I really can’t remember anything about the food in a Disney park - other than it was outrageously priced, but everything tastes wonderful to the tune of “It’s a Small World”

The recipe calls for both Russet and red potatoes.  The Russets fall apart quickly, adding to the thick texture - while the red potatoes retain their shape and texture as small chunks.  

When I made this recipe, I was surprised that it didn’t direct you to drain off the bacon fat.  I followed it to the letter, and expected the soup to have puddles of bacon fat floating on top.  But that doesn’t happen.  The bacon fat is soaked up by the potatoes, making them tender and giving them a slightly smoky flavor.  

I cut the heavy whipping cream in half, adding the rest as milk - and it was still very rich and creamy.  

Garnish with extra bacon, grated cheese, and pretty green onion tops.  This soup was wonderful!

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