Monday, February 13, 2012

Lisa's Sausage Soup

This soup will warm you head-to-toe when it’s cold outside.  It may not look like it will change your world - but it’s just the ticket when you’ve had every (other) soup imaginable.  The tiny kick of the sage sausage makes all the difference.  Very few ingredients make this a snap to put together.

It’s been a tradition in my husband’s family to get together on New Year’s Eve for a soup party.  My sister-in-law, Lisa - always brings this soup.  It wouldn’t be New Year’s without it.  But I crave it more than once a year - February is perfect.

It's a favorite because it’s not a boring soup - it gets your attention, making you wonder “what’s IN this?”  At the same time, it doesn’t send you running for a glass of water to cool off either.  I also enjoy it because I can use (and rotate) my storage supply of canned tomatoes and beans.  

If you’re a garlic-lover, it wouldn’t hurt to add either garlic salt - or the real deal.  But it’s just delicious without.  This makes a small “manageable” batch - to serve about six to eight.  I make it just for myself and it keeps for at least a week - but I like to share it in the winter.

The bright green pepper, yellow corn, and scarlet red tomatoes are an explosion of color - just what you need for a dull, dreary February day.

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