Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Cheesy auGratin Potatoes

This recipe incorporates a few tricks that keep the cheese from clumping and the milk/cream from curdling.  Both of these are common problems when making auGratin potatoes - but they weren’t an issue when I followed the (simple) directions.  It’s easy to trim the amounts for a smaller dish.

I wish my photos would do these rich potatoes justice...  Most of the recipes I post lately are made for Sunday dinner - just about the only meal where I have someone other than myself at the table.  I don’t like letting the food get cold while I try to adjust my camera/flashes/lighting, etc...  So - you’ll have to use your imagination as to how beautiful it looked fresh from the oven!

I love auGratin anything.  The problem is that when cheese & milk are exposed to heat for a long period of time - they almost always curdle and turn lumpy.  Potatoes need a long slow baking time - so I’ve never been able to achieve perfection - till now.

Trust Cooks Country to re-work this recipe and come up with a winner.  I had no idea that tossing the cheese with a tiny amount of cornstarch would prevent clumping while melting.  And cutting the heavy cream with just enough chicken broth kept it from succumbing to curdling - while adding great flavor.  

And... speaking from experience here - don’t fudge on the baking time.  Even though you can finish these off in the microwave if you’re in a hurry - it would be a shame, because that will burn the cheese.

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