Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Glazed Lemon Cakesters

This recipe resulted from an identity mixup in my family cookbook (long story... read on if you’re interested)  These cookies have a great texture, and the glaze makes them absolutely delicious.  Puffy little mounds, topped off with a tart sweet glaze - these are a great alternative to heavy frosted cookies.

About twelve years ago I compiled all my favorite recipes into a scrapbook/cookbook for my family.  It was a labor of love (emphasize the word LABOR) - and they tell me they use it all the time.  Since I’ve started this blog (about 5 years ago now) - my kids keep asking when I’m going to blog about those family favorites in the family cookbook.  I decided to do that again - this being the first one in a long time.

This recipe was filed under “Butterscotch Cookies”.  But when I started to make them tonight, I discovered they are NOT the Butterscotch Cookies I thought they were.  By then, it was too late to change - so I forged ahead and finished them.  And... are they ever amazing!  

They reminded me of the texture of Oreo Cakesters - light & pillowy, but with a wonderful light lemon flavor.
They are soft and moist, without being heavy.  Since shortening is used instead of butter, they stay fresh much longer.  I’ve found when I use butter in cookies & cakes, it’s harder to have a light texture like this.  The jury is still out which is “better” for you anyway - butter or shortening (“better” probably isn’t the best adjective here... but these are COOKIES, and I just don’t worry about cookies being healthy)

Since they are lemon-flavored - I did a quick search on the web for a lemon glaze.  Don’t turn up your nose when you read what’s in it... it’s a perfect match, adding just enough “tang” to compliment the lemon.

These aren’t show-stopping cookies to look at, but you just might change your mind when you try them.  

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  1. How great that you made a cookbook for your family. I'm sure they treasure it. The cookies look delicious!