Monday, February 6, 2012

30 Minute Rolls (not from the frozen foods section)

It’s hard to find a recipe for rolls that doesn’t make a ga-jillion.  Even a dozen can overwhelm you if you live alone.  I experimented to see if these would freeze well unbaked - and they performed as well as Rhodes frozen rolls.  They baked beautifully one at a time in a ramekin, and were risen and ready after being at church for 3 hours.

Versions of this recipe can be found on just about any site, and I traced it’s origin back to 2008 at  For the amount of flour, the yeast might seem excessive, but they didn’t have a yeast-y taste at all.  That must be part of the reason they froze so well - I’ve found that any roll recipe can be frozen (unbaked) if you add just a touch more yeast to compensate for freezer damage.

Since I didn’t want to get out my Bosch mixer for such a small amount, I used my food processor.  It’s very simple, although you do need to take care not to overprocess the dough this way (which can happen if you give it as little as one minute too long on the dough setting)  I watch the dough as it rolls around inside the bowl, and listen to how hard the motor is laboring to determine when to stop.  

I literally had these on the pan in the freezer within 20 minutes - so I guess I should have renamed them “20 Minute Rolls”... but who’s counting?

Check back tomorrow to see how I used the frozen rolls to come up with these...

The recipe can be found at:

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