Saturday, December 17, 2011

Red & Green Appetizer Wreath

If there were a “healthy” appetizer for the holiday season - most of us would pass it up for the traditional sweet/savory items that are in most buffets.  These little bites are loaded with fresh vegetables, held in place with a delicious spread.  When arranged in a circular wreath shape, they are hard to resist.

I’ve seen appetizer “wreaths” all over the place, and most of them call for refrigerated crescent rolls as the base.  Although I really love the canned version, I would rather have something I’ve baked myself (try the “Streamlined Baguette” recipe HERE - it’s faster than running to the store)

Crescent rolls (from the can) are usually sliced and arranged on a baking sheet in a single row, then baked and transferred to a large platter.  This is tricky to do, and then each person has to pry them apart when they serve themselves.  Baguette slices make it easier to take just what you want, and they hold up well when refrigerated before serving.

A touch of dill, garlic powder, (and my own addition here) Beau Monde seasoning give just enough subtle flavor to not overpower the fresh veggies.

See if this doesn't pull your guests away from the cheese ball and little smokies at your next holiday buffet.

The recipe is found at:

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