Saturday, October 22, 2011

Cinnamon Honey Butter

This is one of those “too easy to be a recipe” recipes - but it’s a shame not to have it in your file.  At Texas Roadhouse, they reel you in with their unlimited rolls.  You could make a meal on the rolls alone (with a salad of course).  They also serve a unique butter with them - which makes them irresistible.  

Honey butter is not a newcomer on the scene - it’s been around at least since 1896 - when honey was combined with butter to act as a preservative.  But it showed up as an actual recipe in the Woman’s Day Encyclopedia of Cookery (1966), and in Pennsylvania Dutch cookbooks around that same time. (For an interesting history of honey butters - see this LINK)

This version however, is inspired by the Texas Roadhouse restaurant chain.  There are several versions floating around the web - but this one was excellent.

Enjoy it with any bread - hot OR cold.  As long as it is kept at room temperature, it spreads like a charm.  If you serve it cold from the refrigerator, you’ll need your rolls or bread warm enough to melt it.  And, did I mention it’s fabulous on toast?
If you're looking for a great recipe for the Texas Roadhouse Rolls to pair WITH this butter, visit an earlier post HERE.

For this delicious, easy-to-make recipe - go to:


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