Thursday, October 20, 2011

Amish Apple Cake with Hot Caramel Sauce

This recipe was originally published in “Cooking From Quilt Country” (by Marcia Adams).  If there is anything the Amish do as well (or better) than quilting - it would be cooking.  This reminded me of the Apple Pudding Cake my mother made when I was young.

It’s warm, comforting, sweet, and gets better as it ages.  When I searched for the recipe my mother always used (in her tattered “Sign Of a Good Cook” ward cookbook from the 1960’s) - I couldn’t tell which contributor had THE recipe (Beverly, Sharon, etc...)  So, I found this one and gave it a whirl.  

My mother’s version was served with a butter sauce - which I can still taste in my mind’s eye.  But I’m no respecter of sauces - caramel is just fine (and the extra sauce is amazing over ice cream)

I made this the day before I served it, and in that short time the apples softened and made the cake even more moist.  The apple flavor intensified the second day, and I couldn’t tell it wasn’t fresh from the oven after reheating it briefly in the microwave.  This really was a delicious way to end a fall meal - especially during apple season.

Have you ever wondered why some “cake” desserts are called “pudding”?    I tried to find out, and it surprised me to find the theory behind “why the British call dessert “pudding”.  I have English roots, but that was several generations ago - so I was interested.  One theory is that the upper classes stuck stubbornly to the word “pudding” for their sweet course, regarding “dessert” as a barbarian word.  The ‘barbarians’ in this case, were the social climbers who - mostly in the 1920’s and 30’s - had acquired ‘new money’ and so were seen by the old guard as putting on airs.  In response, the aristocracy clung to their old usages.  Fascinating.

That said, our (American) “pudding” would most certainly have LESS calories than this version.

For the full recipe for both the "pudding" cake and the yummy caramel sauce - go to:

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