Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Bloomin' Cinnamon Bread

When I posted the recipe for (what I called) Bloomin’ Onion Bread in April 2010, I didn’t realize the life it would live.  Several other food bloggers adopted it as their own, and I love to see the creativity they’ve used by changing it up into different versions.  This is one I found on (a wonderful site!)

My original Bloomin’ Onion Bread uses a substantial round loaf of sourdough bread as it’s starting point.  Regular artisan bread didn’t have the strength to hold up under all that cheesy goodness.
The original "Bloomin' Onion Bread" 
This recipe by calls for the same sourdough loaf.  After trying it, I have mixed feelings about using sourdough in something sweet.  I took this to my trusty tasting panel (my Conference Center shift) and they all thought it was wonderful.  I - (on the other hand), wasn’t in love with the flavor of sourdough combined with the traditional cinnamon sugar + frosting taste.

Bottom line is this:  if you grew up on sourdough and love it, go ahead and use it.  If you didn’t (and feel the same as I do - that sourdough goes best with savory toppings) - you might want to opt for a hefty artisan bread loaf in it’s place.  Your choice.

The vanilla honey butter that she used to spread in between the cuts was SO sweet.  Then when you add the glaze, you are in for a major sugar rush!

I’m wondering how it would be (next time) to use softened butter with cinnamon sugar beaten in.  Of course, I would still add a generous sprinkling of MORE cinnamon sugar on top and into the cuts.  
That’s what I love about cooking and adapting recipes - no rules! 

For convenience, I prepared the bread the night before (minus the glaze) and popped it in the oven 1/2 hour before I left for work that day.  When I opened it after I arrived, I drizzled it with glaze and it was still warm and delicious.

For the recipe - plus all the photos, links, etc... go to:

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  1. The Blooming Onion Bread recipe is how I found you - someone, Mel's Kitchen Cafe maybe, made it and linked to you - I've made the bread AND a new friend - now that's a good recipe!
    Erin in Minnesota!