Monday, July 11, 2011

Sesame Rolls (in minutes)

It’s taken me some time to learn to use a food processor for yeast breads.  This bread kneads in a mere 45 seconds - leaving you free to work on all the other components of your meal.  The rolls turn out tender and buttery, with a firm crust scattered with a layer of toasted sesame seeds.  Bake one pan, and stash two pans (unbaked) in your freezer.

If you don’t have a food processor - these still work wonderfully using whatever method you’re comfortable with for bread making.  I’ve tried breads & pastry in my food processor before - and learned the hard lesson that comes from giving in to that temptation of “one more pulse”...  It’s easy to over-do it when it comes to doughs because you don’t realize how powerful a food processor is.

 Once I figured that out, it’s become my friend.  It’s perfect for small batches of bread and rolls.  I had these rising in just minutes.

I didn’t expect this texture.  They were so light and buttery - it was amazing.  When you hear the term “melts in your mouth” - I would have to say it applies here.

Since I have a totally empty nest now (except for when everyone comes home to enjoy each other) - I really miss making a traditional Sunday dinner - which always includes hot rolls.  You can divide the dough into any portions you choose for easy freezing.  I used three 8” round cake pans - making about 10-11 rolls each. Just right for having a few left over for mid-week meals.

The baked rolls keep well for about 5-6 days, and seem to become more moist as they age.  Most of my family isn’t fond of sesame seeds on anything - but I love them.  They add a subtle, nutty crunch - as well as a new dimension of flavor.  The egg wash adds a nice golden brown color, keeps the sesame seeds where they belong, and adds an extra layer of protection during freezing.

I plan to purchase some “Cafe Rio”-type round foil tins (with foil lids) so I can keep a few of these on hand in the freezer. 

You never know who might drop in, or appreciate a warm basket of rolls...

For the recipe (with instructions for both bread mixers and food processors) go to:

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  1. Wow, they look yummy! I like the idea of stashing some in the freezer to pull out later.