Friday, July 8, 2011

Pizzelle Stacks

Summer should be (but often isn’t) a time to simmer down, take a break, and smell the roses.  Easier said than done, however.  Every gathering, picnic, or family meal requires some time in the kitchen.  This fussy-looking summer dessert requires very little time and effort - but always earns everyone’s praise.

I ran across these Pizzelle cookies at a discount bread outlet a few months ago, and I’ve used them several ways.  I thought the price was reasonable (for 48 cookies) at $3.49.  That isn’t much to pay in exchange for not heating up my oven this time of year.  I’ve since done a search to find other retail outlets - (to find your area, look HERE).

These are fragile cookies, but they work well as long a you don’t overload them with too much topping and/or fruit.  A little bit goes a long way.
I’ve used them layered with yogurt and fresh strawberries (which doesn’t constitute a “real” recipe...) - but what is shown on this post takes a few items you prepare beforehand yourself.

I found the perfect filling was the Simple White Chocolate Mouse (HERE) - topped with a little fresh fruit, or fruit filling.  I used frozen blueberries and thickened them with a little Ultragel.  Once I piped (or spread) a little of the mousse on one Pizzelle - it took just a small dab of blueberry filling to finish it off.  

Top it off (or not) with an additional Pizzelle - it made a really elegant little buffet dessert.  Either way - they were beautiful.  Remember to fill these just before serving, or they quickly lose their crispness.  However - I’ve had friends who tried them (once they stood a while and became soft) who prefer them softened.  

You’ll have to try them both ways.  When they soften, they still hold together well and don’t fall apart.  You could even roll them up into tubes when they soften.

For the recipe, go to:


  1. Thank you for a recipe to use in my pizelle maker ~ I've used it way to long for ice cream cones!

  2. I'm impressed you make your OWN... I've never tried that. They are probably much better than the packaged variety. I'll have to check your site for a recipe?