Saturday, June 11, 2011

Honey Orange Dip or Dressing for Fruit

Fresh fruit doesn’t need much help when it comes to being appetizing.  A dip or dressing - if needed at all - should be light and refreshing to allow the fruit to do all the talking.  This fits the bill - and it’s healthy as well.  Unlike many heavy, creamy, super-sweet “dips” - this one compliments without overpowering.

Summer is at the door - and I’m ready to take my meals outside to enjoy before the weather gets too hot to handle.  This dip and/or dressing is easy to portion into individual size containers to pack with a lunch.

The original recipe called for non-fat plain yogurt.  But I wanted to try it with Greek yogurt to see how that would change it.  It added a creaminess that plain yogurt can’t duplicate.

Honey, lemon, orange, and ginger all work with the yogurt to be just barely sweet AND tart enough.  

Be sure to add some type of fruit pick (plain toothpicks work just as well) to make it simple to dip away during your next picnic on an upcoming lazy summer day.  

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  1. Sounds delicious! I'm always a sucker for anything orange, and the honey too just puts me over the edge. Yum!