Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Bread Cones - tubular sandwiches

Cream horn tubes might seem like a frivolous thing to some cooks.  They make more than pastry treats filled with whipped cream - for instance, this unique way to serve sandwiches (see yesterday's post - and check back tomorrow for another way to use them)  If you don’t want to buy these tubes, you can make your own by rolling up cardstock and wrapping them in aluminum foil.  

Hollowed bread is not a new thing - but it’s usually done by baking it first and then scooping out the interior.  You can then fill it with a variety of fillings (think soup bowls, or even dip served in a bread bowl...)

These cones are great because you don’t waste the interior of your bread.  Wrapping dough around a form saves a lot of fuss.

This fun bread shape was all the rage a few years back - and it’s great to use for Easter or spring menus.  A bread cone can’t hold a lot of filling - but the bread has great texture and flavor.  You could even serve extra filling on the side to spread onto the “tail” of the cone, once the hollowed portion is eaten.

The original recipe divides the dough into eight portions.  I thought that looked like a LOT of bread, so I divided mine into twelve.  It seemed to be just right for a sandwich.

These worked out so well for a fun new twist on boring sandwiches.  

For the full recipe with instructions & photos - go to:

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