Friday, April 8, 2011

Grass Head Kids - make new friends during disappointing Spring weather

While visiting my daughter's family after welcoming a new baby last month - I enjoyed watching these cute heads of (grassy) hair sprouting in her window sill.  It didn’t take long until they needed a haircut.  Made from an old nylon stocking - the loose end forms a “wick” that soaks up moisture to start growing a lush head of hair.

It’s supposed to be spring break around here for many of the schools - and with an abundance of rain, it’s hard to get outside when the weather is so contrary.  My daughter found this idea on - and it helped her cooped-up boys stay happy (at least for a few minutes).  

Every morning for the first several days they were excited to wake up and see if their “kid” had begun to sprout hair yet.  It didn’t take long - about 4 days - until they could see the sprouts beginning.  
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After the grassy hair got good and long, it was even more fun to get out the kid-safe scissors and play barber (but watch out, or they'll get ideas - if you know what I mean).  Be careful - cutting too close to the “scalp” will require brain surgery to repair them.
Use plastic yogurt containers, plastic cups, and the like to decorate and prop your heads on. 

And remember - April showers bring ____ ______?  Keep on sloshing.

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