Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Weeklong Chicken Pasta Salad

I’ve been on a week-long salad kick, and I can’t believe I’m still enjoying this.  The beauty of this salad is how well it keeps when I mix just one portion at a time for lunch.  The initial prep work is minimal, and then I store it in a gallon-size ziploc bag - taking out a single portion each time.

I’m not a raw pepper fan, and I only like raw broccoli a few sprigs at a time on a relish tray - so it makes no sense that I consider this a new favorite salad.  There’s something about how it all combines that has earned my admiration.  

I found this via cjaneinthekitchen, who listed her source as recipeshoebox.   These are both fabulous sites - you'll want to check them out... 

I’m usually too busy to stop what I’m doing at lunch to make a complicated meal.  When I piece and snack instead, I really pay for it by evening when I’m so hungry I overdo.  This simple salad has everything going for it - just enough (but not too much) pasta, protein in the chicken & cheese, and lots of fresh vegetables.  The initial dressing is light and tangy, which is then nicely complimented by adding a bit of ranch just before serving.  

It’s quick to pour into a bowl, add a bit of ranch and additional cheese, stir, and enjoy.  No fuss, hearty (enough), and sensibly healthy.

For the recipe, photos, and directions - go to:

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