Monday, January 17, 2011

Snip-Your-Own Snow-Day Flakes

I remember those Monday holidays when the kids were home from school and restless as monkeys in a cage.  The hardest winter holiday I recall was Martin Luther King Day.  Old dirty grey snow, cold temps, and nothing exciting to do.  I wasn’t in the mood for sugar cookies quite yet, because it wasn’t close enough to Valentine’s Day.  What’s a mom to do to?  Let the kids give these a try...

When I was a stay-at-home mom of six children, my mind always turned to mush after the Christmas holidays were over.  My kids were on year-round school, and inevitably - I had an entire houseful enjoying what we called “off-track” time during the dead of winter.  The first week was tolerable because the Christmas toys were still being enjoyed - but then it was an endurance test for the next two weeks.

I tried to save up ideas so we could enjoy one worthwhile activity each day - and we did have some fun traditions as a result.  But most of those activities were (frankly) a mess!  By the time we finished I had to clean the entire kitchen top to bottom and then try to have a smile on my face by the time Dad walked in the door after work.  Do I have admiration for you young moms who are in the trenches?  Absolutely!

I like to have ideas to make with my grandkids, and so I’m always on the lookout for something fun to have up my sleeve when they visit.  When I saw this idea on - I had to try it.  It looked too good to be true, and I was sure it was an absolute mess-in-waiting.  

Surprise!  It was easy, fun, and it even tasted good.  I didn’t think it would work to cut thick flour tortillas - but once microwaved, they become soft and easy to fold & cut.  Flour tortillas at warehouse stores are super-cheap - so you won’t feel bad when you mess one up.  I found myself eating the scraps just like a little kid.  One disclaimer though - if you want to keep the mess to a minimum, sprinkle the powdered sugar over these snowflakes while holding the pan over your sink.

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