Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Praline Ice Cream Sauce

If you don’t care for nuts, just hit the “back” key now - I won’t judge you.  (I don’t care for coconut, and I consider myself “balanced”)  But I have to say - you haven’t lived till you experience this superb (yet so simple) creamy, dark, and rich praline sauce.  It puts the ultimate finishing touch on baked apples with ice cream.  Y-U-M.

Last week I was going through my pantry discarding what will never get eaten.  Since my son left on his mission, it’s just me - myself - and I at home.  I'm slowwwwly getting used to it.

I found a half bag of petrified marshmallows and just before I tossed it in the can, I noticed the word “praline” on the back of the bag.  Well, that got my attention.  I took off the twist tie and proceeded to examine the recipe on this bag of generic marshmallows.  It looked like it had promise, and I decided to try it.  

I also rescued two Jonagold apples that were soon to be history in the refrigerator and I decided to make baked apples with this sauce drizzled over the top for dessert on Sunday.  (Worked well baked at the same time as my potatoes...)

I must say, this dessert rivals anything that was previously my favorite.  

Absolutely delicious.  

And who would have thought it would have been on the back of a bag of marshmallows?!

For the recipe, photos, and instructions - go to:

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