Monday, January 24, 2011

Callin's 'Quintessential' Baked Potatoes

How would you describe the perfect embodiment of a baked potato?  Fluffy, light as a cloud?  Moist, yet just dry enough to soak in a shameful amount of butter and sour cream?  This really shouldn’t qualify as a “recipe” - because it is so amazingly simple.  But even after cooking for over 45 years, I hadn’t thought of it myself.  Thanks Callin!

My daughter Melyn has a favorite meal.  I wish I could say that it is one of my very own recipes, but - no.  It is (simply) a good baked potato dressed with lots of butter and sour cream.  When she was young(er) and we went to Wendy’s for lunch - no hamburger & fries for her...  All she wanted to order was a baked potato

Melyn married into the wonderful, fun Baker family.   They are a family of all boys (four of them), who enjoy great cuisine and trying new recipes - especially Melyn’s brother-in-law Callin.  The jury is still out on who (in their extended family) shared this method of making the quintessential baked potato - but I’m giving Callin the credit.

It is unbelievably simple.  Many websites claim that you should coat the baked potato in oil or shortening before baking - but this will make a smoky mess of your oven and you will not be able to detect that heavenly ‘potatoes are almost done’ aroma.  It works the same way for one potato, or twenty - so this is a great method for cooking solo.

Are you one that loves the skin of a baked potato?  Well, I can’t imagine you would be if you “steam” your potatoes (by baking them wrapped in foil)  Baking them this way yields a crackly crisp outer shell that I can’t resist cutting in small pieces to enjoy after the fluffy interior is eaten.

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