Thursday, December 2, 2010

Best in the World Oatmeal Cookies

The Junior League of Salt Lake City has amazing cookbooks - and “A Pinch of Salt Lake” is one of them (although they are hard to locate now...)  This recipe (and yes, it really IS the title!) lives up to it’s name.  These cookies have the perfect texture for the ideal oatmeal cookie - crunchy on the outside at first bite, then the cookie “caves in” as you enjoy it.

I haven’t yet figured out what makes this cookie so different from other oatmeal varieties.  My best guess is the cornstarch.  You don’t find cornstarch in many cookies, but those that utilize it seem to melt in your mouth.  

The recipe suggests under baking - which I didn’t necessarily agree with.  I don’t like doughy cookies, and adding a few more minutes to the baking time made mine seem just right.  

I’ve tried it with both golden raisins and traditional raisins.  My vote is for traditional, as the golden ones seemed overly sweet.  The color of the golden raisins also made me question what that strangely colored ingredient was (as golden raisins tend to be a mixture of gold, orange, and green sometimes).  But both are delicious - you choose!

I was pleased with how this cookie held it’s shape after baking.  It did crackle and fall just a bit after removing from the oven, but it still had lots of texture that made it even more appetizing.  

This could become one of your favorites.  For the recipe, go to:

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