Friday, December 3, 2010

2-Minute Weekday Steelcut Oatmeal

This was not my original idea - and it’s a good one!  I’ve used the same method with cracked wheat, but this is divine.  Just change up your toppings each morning (or be boring like me) and you’ll have an entire week’s worth of healthy, stick-to-your-ribs, whole grain goodness.

Lately, steel cut oats are the fashionable whole grain of choice, but I’ve enjoyed them even back when they were sneered upon by most folks.  You may have seen them disguised with a different name (such as Irish Oatmeal, etc...) - but they are all plain old OATS, through and through.  

I love this grain because (once you can actually get it cooked enough to be soft & chewy) - it fights off hunger till afternoon.  I usually twirl my shelf around and look through all my hot cereal on a cold morning - and I rarely have enough time to cook this type of oats adequately.  In the past I would bring them to a boil for a few minutes, clamp on a lid, and then return an hour later to rewarm them in the microwave.  An hour’s wait for breakfast is just not acceptable on most mornings.  

These oats plump up nice and fluffy, and when you rewarm them in the microwave they keep expanding - hence, the reason you feel so satisfied after a bowl.  Give these a chance and you won’t be hunting for a mid-morning snack

For the (very simple) recipe - go to:


  1. I've got to try me some steel-cut oats. Are they different from old fashioned oats, or whatever my container says?

    P.S. Found your blog on The Utah Hive.

  2. Steel-cut oats are the same grain, just not rolled or flattened like oatmeal. You'll love them, as long as they are cooked long enough. Thanks!

  3. Thank you, I really want to try them soon!