Tuesday, November 30, 2010

"Good Gravy" Turkey Noodle Soup

By the time you reach Turkey Tuesday (the Tuesday AFTER Thanksgiving) - most households are finished enjoying leftovers from the big meal.  Anything left by this time is not regarded with the same anticipation and zeal of a week ago.  After all the socializing (and sharing coughs and colds) you will enjoy this adaptation of leftovers from the big day.

Most of my family have identified their Thanksgiving leftovers of choice well before the holiday arrives.  They keep a watchful eye on whatever they consider their comfort food - and when I bring the leftovers out, it becomes apparent.  
The first to disappear is white turkey, then potatoes, then stuffing, then various pies.  Pumpkin pie is always a loner at the end - the last item to be chosen.  I really don’t know why I keep making it, but tradition rules.
The evening of Thanksgiving (before everyone bundles up for the Black Friday sales) - I put out ziploc bags, foil, plastic wrap, various disposable containers, etc... and my family chooses their leftovers to take home.  It reminds me of army ants devouring everything in their path...

The problem arrives when the stash of leftovers dwindles to a negligible amount.  This year I had a smidge of dark turkey, a pint of turkey stock, a little bit of gravy, and (of course!) that annoying pumpkin pie.

This is how I used it up (all except for that pie)  When my family left, they didn’t leave me completely empty handed - they shared their coughs & colds.  This soup tasted exceptional tonight, which I enjoyed wrapped in a blanket while reading a new book.

For the simple recipe, go to:

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