Monday, October 4, 2010

Braided Honey Bread

Imagine a combination of chewy, crusted french bread - and - the best white bread you’ve ever had.  The shiny, yet tender crust encloses a lightly sweet and delicate bread - just begging for soft butter and homemade strawberry jam.  The braiding produces a really beautiful crust, enhanced by brushing with egg just prior to baking.

This beautiful bread is well known in my ward and neighborhood because of one of the best cooks I know - Becky Hansen.  She has a way with bread - and this is evidence of that.

I’ve made this several times in the past few weeks 

- it’s that good.  It’s a great choice for serving with a buffet of soups (which we did this weekend for General Conference).  I also served it with Swedish Meatballs, then again with Taco Salad.  

 This bread can round out a meal that you’re not sure men will think is 'substantial' enough (you know what I mean - salad and soup are usually not embraced by men as ‘real’ food...)  It’s also spectacular for adding to a meal you take to someone who needs a little comfort.

For the recipe, complete instructions, and step-by-step photos - go to :

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  1. Anne, what beautiful, beautiful bread! You could open up your own bakery. Your crumb looks perfect. Thanks for making your recipe available.