Friday, October 1, 2010

Artichoke Chicken Alfredo

When I tasted this not long ago, I couldn’t wait to find the recipe.  Until my friend could email it to me, I looked in all my old cookbooks to see if by chance it might be there.  There are several versions of it, but this one is the best.  This chicken is so tender & creamy that you might find yourself dreaming of it...

Christie of the Table Runner (a delightful food blog/resource you must visit...) reminded me in a recent post of one of my favorite cookbooks.  When I saw it, I was motivated to pull mine off the shelf - which I hadn’t looked at in quite a while.  
The Junior League of Salt Lake City’s Heritage Cookbook is a goldmine, and I used it constantly when I was first married.  Mine is the 1975 edition - and (as you can see) it is splattered, torn, and definitely ‘kitchen-loved’.  My mother noticed it on my counter the other day and said she has the same one, but has hardly opened it.  (Most of her recipes are stored in her amazing memory - hence, little need for cookbooks!)  

According to some of my family - this dish could be filed under “strange” - but if you are an artichoke lover, it’s a must-try.  

I didn’t even think I liked artichokes (I guess I was afraid I would develop a taste for them, which finally happened)

I’ve decided that I like the creamy, dreamy alfredo sauce so much that I prefer to double it (so the chicken stays nice and creamy)  I’ve included the adjusted amounts in the recipe link below.  

I’ve also found it’s convenient to make a day ahead and refrigerate.  It saves me time on the day I serve it, and it only takes another ten minutes to bake it right from the refrigerator.

For this delicious recipe I've adapted from the SLC Junior League Heritage Cookbook, go to:

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