Monday, September 20, 2010

Summer Corn Soup

One more thing I’ll miss when summer ends is fresh corn.  There’s nothing like it... and although frozen corn is great - fresh off the cob is supreme.  This light soup celebrates the beginning of Fall.  It can be changed entirely by using cream in place of part of the milk, and adding other summer veggies from your garden. 

When I saw this on One Perfect Bite (Mary's delicious website I highly recommend...), I didn’t waste time snagging some corn from the last few available pickings of the season.  

I thought it was interesting that the flavor from the cobs was utilized - and why not?  Corn straight from the husk is scraped into a stockpot - incorporating the juices that flow when the corn is released from the cobs.    Covering with fresh milk, barely simmering, and then allowing the corn to “steep” - (as Mary suggests) adds a unique flavor to this summer soup.

I used twice the amount of corn suggested, and it was just right.  Next time I’ll adjust the amount of milk down slightly - then add a little cream after cooking to thicken it up slightly.

Mary’s suggestion to sprinkle with Pimentón (a smoky, sweet, Spanish version of paprika) was perfect - and garnishing with a sprig of cilantro added just the right contrast to the pale buttercup coloring of the soup.

Mary mentioned that she has frozen her soup to use as a light first course for upcoming holiday meals.  What a great idea...  This is so good with cornbread on the side (check out one of my favorites HERE)

My adaptation of this recipe for Summer Corn Soup is HERE at    Enjoy this fresh taste of summer while you can still find summer corn...

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  1. What a great looking soup! I love the idea of having this strech into the fall with the freezer as a help. Mary's blog is wonderful :)